Typhoons Selects Take On Singapore & Japan

On March 9 - 11 the Typhoon Selects headed to Singapore to particiapte in the Ice Dragons Tournament. The Typhoon Selects took 4 teams (1 U10, 2 U12 an 1 U14) in what turned out to be a very busy few days.

U10 - The team came out with a very impressive round robin defeating the Ice Dragon Juniors 9-0, Shanghai Thunderbirds 5-2, and Singapore Ice Dragons White 9-0. In the Semi finals they pushed through the Singapore Ice Dragons Red 3-2 setting them up to play a team from Hubei who brought a team that was overmatched for the level of play requested by the tournament. The players played their hearts out in the finals but were unable to defeat Hubei falling 6-0  taking a Silver Medal which was better then any other team had faired during the tournament.

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U12-1 The team came out also with a very strong start taking defeating Team Malaysia 9-0 in game 1 and Singapore Ice Dragons White 6-0. In game three they would be overcome by a strong Shanghai Thunderbirds team 4-2 to finish the round robin. In the Semi Finals the players all players their hearts out but were beat out by a lucky shot in overtime by the Pilipinas with a final score of  2-1


U12-2 Started the round robin with another strong start against Team Malaysia winning 6-0 then topping Singapore Ice Dragons Red 3-1 before closing the round robin in second over all by defeating the Singapore Ice Dragons whithe 6-0.  As a result of a 2 min penalty in the final 5 min of the final round robin game they ended up drawing the Shanghai Thunderbirds instead of our own Typhoons Selects U12-1 team. The players each put their best on the line however the Thunderbirds who the Selects previously beat in Korea proved to much winning 3-1 in a tight contest.

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 U14 - Also Started the Round Robin strong against team Singapore Ice Dragons White 6-0. Up next came team Malaysia who narrowly edged out the Typhoon Selects with a 1-0 win and while outshooting them their goaltending proved to be to much. Up next was Singapore Ice Dragons Red and it was the Typhoons Wolfie Ho who played outstanding earning the 1-0 win. The semi finals saw them playing the Singapore Red again who this time got the better of the Typhoons only after an overtime period and 6 shooters in the shootout! They would bounce back to take Third place beating the Singapore Ice dragons White 4-1

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 We are very proud of the way each team played in the tournament, each player was able to take something away that they learned. It is also worth noting that there was a large number of players who participated in two divisions as well another large group who took part in their first tournament with the Typhoons Organization. We look forward to working with the Singapore Ice Dragons on future events for the Typhoons.


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The Hong Kong Selects U-17 squad travelled to Karuizawa, Japan for a weekend of competition and camaraderie. The first 2 games of the tournament the team played like a team that never practices together, while the last 2 games of the tournament chemistry was discovered and a better brand of hockey was played.

Highlights of the weekend included competitive spirit and leadership of forwards Lokel Wong and Preston Kwok and top notch play between the pipes by goalie Julian Mak. The defensive unit as a whole was solid and physical, and improved in their own zone with each consecutive game and even contributed offensively along the way.

Players worked hard on the ice and conducted themselves professionally off the ice, showing signs of maturity and personal development from previous years. If they would only believe they had a chance to win the tournament they very well could have, rather than playing with a second (or third) place mentality. At the end of the weekend the team walked away with that third place medal but each player became better through the experience.

Overall any experience to travel to another country and play the game you love with your friends should be considered a great trip, and we are thankful to the parents and the Typhoons Hockey Club for making such opportunities possible.



Weekend Preview Janruary 20, 2017

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Weekend Preview Janruary 11, 2017  

This upcoming weekend in our SD10 league will see game 3 being played with NOWTV holding a 13-9 lead. After playing very short handed last week look for NOWTV to rebound for this week.

This weeks U12 will see our first place Edge of Excellence team take on the second place Typhoons Red at 7:45am and Third place Typhoons Blue take on Fourth place NOWTV at 6:35. NOWTV has an excellent opprotunity to jump into third while Red will be looking to close in on EOE's lead.

In our U14 division the Warriors currenlty hold a 19-11 lead in the second series going into game 4.Michael Shum and Ryan Chu will be looking to push the pace against each other this weekend with the War Elephants looking to bring the series tight.

Our SD17 division is going into game 5 of 6 with RTM ASIA holding a secure 18-12 lead of the Baird Dbees. Each team will be adding a solid player from the CIHL in Preston Kowk and Lokel Wong this week so look for the itensity to ratchet up another notch.


Typhoons Off-Ice Training

Shooting Training and Physical Training, improve power, accuracy and release.


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Shooting training, correct technique and improve power, accuracy and release.  Practice turning a bad pass into a good scoring chance.


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Mini games for younger players to enjoy the fun of hockey.


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Increasing foot speed to allow you to beat your apponents to the puck more often.  Increasing leg power allows you to skate faster and come out of the corner with the puck more often.

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Inreasing upper body strength allows you to shoot harder contain checks better and hold on to the puck longer using body positioning. 

Check the above websites to see if you can keep up with North American averages for Push Ups! 


If you want to take your game to the next level head over to Synthetic Ice Training to sign up.