Payment for City League Registration 2018-2019 Season


2018-2019 Season: City League, HK Selects & Typhoons Team Registration and Try Outs

The Hong Kong Typhoons organization is pleased to announce that registration for the 2018-2019 Season City League is now opened.  The Hong Kong Typhoons City League and HK Selects & Typhoons Team is already done in May. Therefore, you are request to have an assessment with our Coach at the Synthetic Ice Training Centre which the cost is HKD600 for each division or programme in which you wish to register your child. In addition, a deposit of HKD2,000 will be required to secure the spot on the roster for the upcoming season.  The full season fee is listed below and this HKD2,000 programme deposit will be used towards the 2018-2019 City League fee payment after your spot is confirmed in the programme.  Should your child not qualify for the programme, your deposit will be refunded to you.  If your child wishes to play up and does not qualify, your money will be transferred to another programme that you are admitted to.  Otherwise, no refund will be arranged.  If you wish to register for the season, please complete the form at the bottom of this communication.

For this season, we have tried to keep the price for ice time on a per hour base relatively flat to last year.  Please note that rink rental is the major component of all expenses.

Here are the procedures of arranging an assessment with our Coaches:

  • Complete online registration 
  • Check the available time slot at our website Synthetic Ice Training
  • Email for the time slot that you want
  • We will block and confirm the time slot with you by email. Please do not proceed payment from the website.
  • Attend the assessment at synthetic ice training centre:
Unit 502, 5/F, Kam Hon Industrial Building
8 Wang Kwun Road
Kowloon Bay

Booking with either Coaches are fine.   Most important is your child to have the assessment ASAP, so that Coaches can’t assign a team for him / her on time.


City League Divisions

Players will be placed in a primary division based on their birth year.  Your child may play in a division for older children ONLY if a coach deems it appropriate and ONLY on the basis that he or she also plays in the division appropriate for his or her age.  In other words, your child MUST play in the division for his or her age and may then, at the coach's discretion, play a 2nd division on top of that.  If you wish to request that the coach consider your child for play in a 2nd division, please mark the registration form box to so indicate.

In order to offer the best development and game experience for players in the SD8 and SD10 City league, there will be two divisions - "A" and "AA".  "A" division allows players learning the game to compete at a competitive level and "AA" division representing a more competitive level for advanced players.  This follows the North American categorization of level of play.  The Coaches will determine the placement of the player after tryouts.  A goalie who wishes to play as a player in another division must register and pay for BOTH divisions.


Skills Training

The Hong Kong Typhoons organization is proud to introduce two skills training sessions on Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm and 9-10pm.  The training will be broken down for U10/U12 and some qualified U8s to train in the 8-9pm slot and U12-U16 for the 9-10pm slot.  Once registrations are in, it will allow us to have a better idea on how to allocate the players.  Your child is also welcome to join both sessions, but again it will be up to the coaches to decide if your child will benefit from the training.  The cost is still being calculated but a deposit of HKD2,000 for will be required to secure a spot.  If you register for both time slots, you will need to pay HKD2,000+HKD2,000=HKD4,000.  If you are unsuccessful in qualifying for the first or second session, the money will be transferred to the league fee or credited towards other training programs where applicable.


Power Skating & Checking Training

Hong Kong Typhoons organization will be hosting a new and improved power skating and checking session in the Festival Walk this year.  This is open to all ages.  Just like skating, puck control, passing and shooting, there are key progressions to the skill of checking when taught effectively.  A common misconception is that the skill of checking begins at a certain age or age category of play.  In fact, checking is a multi step progression that begins the first time a young player steps on the ice.  Depending on the age and ability, we will introduce the following steps slowly, positioning and angling, stick checks, contact confidence and body contact, and finally, body checking.  The cost is still being calculated but a deposit of HKD2,000 for will be required to secure a spot.  If the spots are filled and you are unsuccessful in qualifying, the deposit will be transferred to the league fee or credited towards other training programs where applicable.


HK Selects & Typhoons Team

The HK Selects & Typhoons Team Programme is a team training program whose members are selected by the Typhoons Coaching Team’s invitation only and all members must play in City League as a basic requirement.   For registration, first register for City League, click the option of joining HK Selects & Typhoons Team Programme and pay the program deposit of both programmes, then Coaches will do evaluation and assessment of the player.    If a player failed to earn a spot in the HK Selects & Typhoons Team Programme, the HKD2,000 programme deposit will be transferred to City League as part payment.  

In order to be a HK Selects/Typhoons team member, the player must be playing in one of our city leagues and must commit to attending the team practices and tournaments.  Failure to do so without a strong excuse may result in your child being dropped from the HK Selects and Typhoons Team programme.  There will be no refund if you are dropped.  

Coaches will evaluate and selected team members during City League tryout.   No spot is guaranteed and final decision will be by coaches’ sole discretion.  A confirmation email will be sent to all registrants for the tryout results.  

All HK Selects/Typhoons team member will have to sign a contract with the Typhoons organization.  The details of the contract will be shared once the player is chosen from the tryouts.

After team tryouts, every qualified player will be a member of the Typhoons team.  For each competitive level tournament, the organization will select the players to compete from the Typhoons team pool to form the HK Selects team.  Playing once for HK Selects team does not mean you will continuously be a HK Selects player.  The organization believes strongly in developing all rounded individuals on and off ice, as such, not only are the ability level and skills important, but the player's overall attitude, level of commitment, participation, team work etc. are instrumental in determining if a player remains a Typhoons team member.

If a player wants to play and represent the organization in these tournaments, they must join the team practices.  At Hong Kong Typhoons organization, team practices are extremely important and the organization will focus these practices on line training as well as team formation plays.  We are also committed to arranging tournaments for everyone in the Typhoons team programme.

Tentative Tournament Schedule:

Selects Tourney Schedule1


2018-2019 Season All Programme Schedule

The Hong Kong Typhoons organization is excited to have additional programs for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.  For your reference, an indicative schedule is set out below.  The final schedule will be confirmed AFTER tryouts so that the coaches have a better idea of numbers, skill level and player attributes in each division.  This enables the coaches to provide the most competitive and safest environment for player development.

Season Price 1  


Refund Policy

If a player failed to earn a spot in the registered programme(s), the deposit will be transferred as part payment to any other programme(s) admitted.

If a player withdraws a registered programme on his own decision where HK Typhoons offered a spot, no refund will be arranged in this case.



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