Robert Ginnetti
Hockey Director 

Robert Ginnetti, "Bobby", a long time coach for the Burnaby Winter Club, will be the hockey director for the HK Typhoons this coming season.  Bobby will start training our kids during the July Summer team training Camp and CCM Beijing tournament. 

Bobby started his hockey career at the Burnaby Winter Club at the age of 7.  He played with many great players who went on to play in the NHL, like Cliff Ronning, Craig Redmond and Glenn Anderson to name a few. Bobby started  Jr A in 1981 at the age of 16 with the Vancouver Bluehawks in the BCJHL, and played in the Western Hockey League with the New West Bruins and Seattle Breakers.  Along the way he lead the BCJHL in scoring and set a record for most assists  111, which still stands today. After Jr , he went on to play professionally in Europe for 12 years, in Italy and Germany, in there Div. 1 leagues. He was fortunate to represent Team Italy in the 1992  Winter Olympics, and played for Italy in the 1991 and 1992 World Ice Hockey Championships. After his ice hockey career in 1998, Bobby went back to Vancouver to start a family, and has two sons, Taylor and Cameron. During this time he coached at the Burnaby Winter Club for 15 years, one of the best Minor Hockey Associations in Canada.  Both his sons played at BWC, and Cameron is going to Clarkson University in the 2017 year on a full scholarship.  Bobby has coached many Championship teams at BWC along with some very good players who will be playing in the NHL in the near future, Dante Fabbro and Mathew Barzal among them.

Bobby is very passionate, and expects and demands a lot from the players.  He teaches the fundamentals ( ie skating , passing, stick handling and shooting) of the game first, then works on how to execute them in games.  He wants the players to have fun  but work hard at the same time, learning both ice hockey and life skills.

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Simon Ferguson
Head Coach 

Simon Ferguson is the Head Coach of the Hong Kong Typhoons. Simon leads overall development for all our programmes.  He will be working together with our Hockey Director Robert Ginnetti to establish a development framework for all the programmes and will work with individual coaches to implement that framework.  

Simon last served as Head Coach of a junior (U15, U16 and U17) hockey and scholastics programme that has produced a number of NHL draft picks.  He completed his Hockey Canada National Coach Certification Programme High Performance I training.

Prior to becoming a coach, Simon played elite level professional ice hockey. Highlights of his hockey playing history are available on the NHL website at  During his playing career, Simon won a WHL Championship, a Memorial Cup and a Calder Cup.  He attended 5 NHL training camps with the Edmonton Oilers, the Anaheim Ducks and the Phoenix Coyotes and played pre-season for the Anaheim Ducks.

Simon brings a high level of connectivity to today's elite ice hockey community in Canada and the United States as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience in the latest hockey concepts, methods and strategies that is unparalleled in Hong Kong.

Simon F Final



Intern Coaches

Joshua Ho

Josh Ho is a former Typhoons Ice hockey player who is 17 years old and will be helping out as a coach and a ref this season. He has played hockey full time for 6 years seeing action as both a goalie and a player. He has already been involved in teaching the basics of skating in Hong Kong and has spent a season as a level 1 ref.

He is excited to build on this experience with the Typhoons for the 16/17 season. Seeing different aspects of the game as a player and ref give him a unique perspective that will be a valuable asset to the Typhoons. Josh is excited to have the opportunity to continue with the Typhoons for the 16/17 season and wants to pass on the passion, skills and values he has learned from hockey to this years Typhoons Players.



Fenton Garvie

Fenton Garvie is former Typhoons Ice hockey player who originally joined the Typhoons in 2005. Fenton is a 17 year old who was born in Hong Kong, has spent most of his life here and also is a Canadian Citizen. He has been a member of the Typhoons since 2005 and was an important member of the Selects program every season he played while also gaining the experience of playing for the Hong Kong national Junior team. The experience that he has received from travelling to North American and Asia to compete in various tournaments will be a valuable asset for today’s Typhoons players. Fenton is currently enrolled at Chinese International School and continues to play competitive adult hockey in Hong Kong. He will be receiving his ref qualification and is excited to learn a new side of the game.

Fenton is excited to have the opportunity to continue with the Typhoons for the 16/17 season and wants to pass on the passion, skills and values he has learned from hockey to Hong Kong’s next generation of players.





Cosney Lee

Cosney is a recent Typhoons graduate who will be helping out coaching and as a ref. He is 17 years old and plays both ice and inline hockey and has been paying with the Typhoons since he was 6 years old. He has also been an integral part of the selects travel teams over the last few years and recently represented Hong Kong at the U18 World Championships in New Zealand in 2015.

Cosney has also received his level 2 referee qualification from HKIHOA given him a greater understanding of the rules and last year made the jump to the Standard League as a player. For the 16/17 season Cosney is on the move again and will be a player in the CIHL. Cosney is thrilled to be on board for this season and is excited to have the ability to pass on the skills and knowledge of the game he loves to the next generation of Typhoons Players.