Development Training Programs



Learn to Skate & Tykes Training Programme

The Learn to Skate & Tykes Training Programme is a learn to play hockey programme designed for those new to hockey and just learning to skate.   Hockey players can start at the age of 3 or even younger. This training will be a safe and fun platform for the young kids to know and learn about ice hockey.    Once they are interested and able to play some games, they can proceed to our City League SD8 division whenever they are ready.

Skills Training

Typhoons is proud to host 2 skills training sessions on Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm and 9-10pm.  We are planning to have U8/U10 for 8-9pm and U12-U16 for 9-10pm.  You are also welcome to join both sessions, but its again up to the coaches to decide if you qualify for both.   This training will be focus on personal skills enhencement, such as stick handling and puck control.  Players will be benefited to fix their bad habits or incorrect postures as a result.


Power Skating & Checking Training

Hong Kong Typhoons organization will be hosting a new and improved power skating and checking session in the Festival Walk this year. This is open to all ages. Just like skating, puck control, passing and shooting, there are key progressions to the skill of checking when taught effectively. A common misconception is that the skill of checking begins at a certain age or age category of play. In fact, checking is a multi step progression that begins the first time a young player steps on the ice. Depending on the age and ability, we will introduce the following steps slowly, positioning and angling, stick checks, contact confidence and body contact, and finally, body checking.