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To be a HK Selects team member, the player must commit to attending practices and tournaments. Failure to do so without good excuse may result in your being dropped from the programme.  There will be no refunds if you are dropped.

This season, all HK Selects Teams will have 1 on ice practice every week.  With the limited ice time available, we will have a different arrangement from last season.


 U8 & U10 team practice…….every Sunday at Festival Walk 7:15-8:30 pm

 U12 team practice…….every Thursday at Mega Box 5:15-6:30 pm

 U14 & U16 team practice….every Thursday at Mega Box 6:45-8:00 pm


 For the exact date of the practice schedule, please refer to the specific team page for reference. 

 We are arranging tournaments for everyone in the programme this season.   Team members will be assigned to one of 2 teams, Team A (Travel Team) and Team B (Practice Squad).   The most important thing for this program is to ensure each of its players are receiving the highest quality training and competition in practice. With this we want to give those players who haven’t been apart of the program and have shown their commitment to improving an opportunity as this will help push current players to become better as well.  

 Those who have been chosen as part of the Team B (Practice Squad) will be given 1of 3 options and will be decided by the coaches based on the players needs. This could include just attending HK Selects practices, attending practices and Power Skating & Stick Handling Training or only attending Power Skating & Stick Handling until such time as these players skills have caught up enough to allow them to be competitive in a full HK Selects Practice. 

 Both Team A and Team B may join some tournaments during the season.

Tentative Tournament Schedule:

Oct 28-30, 2016     Seoul, Korea                   U10

Nov 25-27, 2016    Seoul, Korea                   U12-U15

Feb 8-19, 2017      Quebec City, Canada      U12

Mar 8-11, 2017       Singaore                         U8-U14

Mar 18-20, 2017     Karuizawa, Japan          U15

Apr 24-29, 2017     HK                                  U8-U15

(*This tournament schedule is for reference only and is subject to change by HK Typhoons.)

If you are interested in joining the HK Selects team or you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected].  We look forward to a great season as we continue to enhance our programmes and thank you for your support to HK Typhoons.





Posted 2016-07-20


The Hong Kong Selects is a competitive hockey programme. The 2016-17 season will mark the biggest change yet in the programme: the focus on giving kids in Hong Kong the opportunity through ice hockey to attend schools in the United States and Canada. This change is the product of pilot trials run over the past few years, in which several kids in the programme have gone on to successfully attend and play ice hockey at schools in the United States and Canada.

At its core, the programme develops ice hockey skills and provides kids who reach threshold skill levels the chance to showcase their skills in internationally recognised ice hockey tournaments and through exchange programmes at boarding schools in the United States and Canada.

Hong Kong Selects teams are the best teams in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Selects teams have historically dominated against all other teams based in Hong Kong, including the youth national teams coached by the Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association.

The programme is selective. Hong Kong Selects players are selected from the best players in Hong Kong and receive coaching from the best available coaches in Hong Kong.

The programme requires commitment. Hong Kong Selects players must play in tournaments designated by coaches. Absence affects the team and our ability to meet the programme's objectives for all the kids in the programme.