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The City League is the largest youth ice hockey league in Hong Kong. The league aims to provide a safe environment for teams to play ice hockey against teams of similar level of ability. For over 20 years, the league has enabled kids to play the most competitive level of hockey in Hong Kong.    For the coming season, we are providing more opportunities for all the players from  beginners to competitive level.      All players from 3 years old up to 16 years old are welcome to join.   

Kids are placed into divisions primarily based on birth year with allowances made for skill level and safety. Kids are then placed into teams with a view to ensuring teams of similar skill level play against each other.

Kids who are eligible may play in more than 1 division, namely the division appropriate for their age and a division for a higher age. Kids are only eligible to play in a division for a higher age if the coach determines that they have sufficient skill level for that division and the coach deems that it is safe to do so.

From 2018-2019 season, we are applying some new policies to some age group to enhance the development of youth hockey in Hong Kong.       First of all, we have newly introduced a SD6 division to City League and SD6 division will be playing in half rink for every game.   In this way, young players will have more opportunities to touch the puck and enjoy the game more.  Secondly, in order to offer the best development and game experience for players in the SD8 City league, there will be two divisions - "A" and "AA" categorised by player’s skill level.  "A" division allows players learning the game to compete at a competitive level and "AA" division representing a more competitive level for advanced players.  This follows the North American categorization of level of play.  All other age groups will remain the same, balanced teams among the same age group.   Our Coaches will determine the placement of each player after tryout / assessment.  

A goalie who wishes to play as a player in another division must register and pay for BOTH divisions.