HK Typhoons Selects Team Programme

The HK Typhoons Selects Team Programme is a team training program whose members are selected by the HK Typhoons Coaching Team or by Coaches invitation if they have outstanding performance in City League during the season.  All members MUST PLAY in City League as a basic requirement.   Team members must commit to a high attendance to the team practices and tournaments.  The team practice is extremely important in our programme and it will focus on line training as well as team formation plays.   A notification of absence with reason is required to be sent to your Team Coaches for their reference.   Coaches will select the most suitable players to go to tournaments during the season and may require different players to participate depending on the level of competitiveness of the tournaments.   We believe strongly in developing all rounded individuals on and off ice, as such, not only are the ability level and skills important, but players overall attitude, level of commitment, participation, team work etc. are instrumental in the determination of a player deserving their spot on the team.  Team members will also need to seek for Coaches approval in advance before they can commit with another team/club to play in a tournament.   Players who fail to commit the aforesaid may result in them being dropped from their team.  There will be no refund if a player is dropped.  All team members will have to sign the terms and conditions with the organization once their spots are confirmed.


Big Brother Program

The U12 and U15 HK Typhoons Selects players will have the opportunity to help the coaching staff with our younger teams both on the ice at practice and behind the bench for games. Gaining teaching and coaching experience along with an intellectual commitment to the tactics and strategies of the game will benefit all. This will be a mentorship program connecting our aspiring youth with deserving leaders from various teams. We hope it to be a positive step in continuing to build our HK Typhoons Selects family.   Interested please contact us at   to apply.


Goalie Training

Coach Rudolf Bernart is our HK Typhoons Selects Team Goalie Coach and he will be training the team goalies during the HK Selects & Typhoons Team Practices, so as the Development Training Programs for City League goalies and private training at Synthetic Ice Training Center.    Interested goalies please do not hesitate to register for more goalie training with Coach Rudolf.


Selects Tournament Schedule 20191115 R1