Development Training Programs


Tykes Beginners Training Programme

The Tykes Beginners Training Programme is a learn to play hockey programme designed for those new to hockey and just learning to skate.   Hockey players can start at the age of 3 or even younger. This training will be a safe and fun platform for the young kids to know and learn about ice hockey.    Once they are interested and able to play some games, they can proceed to our City League SD8 division whenever they are ready.


Typhoons Super Skills Training

Our Wednesday Super Skills sessions will aim to develop the individual skill set of players by challenging them with a wide variety of up-tempo drills. The best way to improve is to feel uncomfortable on the ice, this will be our focus. Shooting, puck handling, passing, quickness, elusiveness and decision making will all be incorporated. The format will change every week: stations, circuits, obstacle courses and skills competitions!   


Typhoons Elite Edgework Training

Our skating session will focus on edgework, explosiveness, balance and stability. The game of ice hockey has evolved to speed and quickness, skating has never been more important in player development. Feeling comfortable on your skates, changing direction at high speeds and learning how to be efficient with your movement can change your game. Having our players compete in races, speed drills and Crashed Ice competitions will translate to a higher pace and tempo in games. Your first few steps are crucial!