Payment for City League Registration 2018-2019 Season

2018-2019 Season: City League, HK Selects & Typhoons Team

and Development Training Programme Registration 

The Hong Kong Typhoons organization is pleased to announce that registration for the 2018-2019 Season City League is now opened.  Interested players can register through our online registration system on our website, “Registration” page.   A deposit of HKD2,000 will be required for each program that you registered.  Balance payment will be collected after your spot is confirmed; otherwise, the deposit will be treated as a part payment of the programme fee.   If HK Typhoons has offered you a spot in the program that you registered but you want to withdraw because of your own reason, the deposit will not be  refunded.  

Here is the procedure for registration :

1) Complete the form at the bottom of this page and process payment through PayPal.

2) Reserve a session of Synthetic Ice Training for an assessment with our Coaches:

            "Quick Link for Booking Click Here"

  • Choose the available time slot, book and pay
  • Put a remark "Tryout Assessment" in the Special Comment* Column 
  • Attend the assessment at Synthetic Ice training Center:
Unit 502, 5/F, Kam Hon Industrial Building
8 Wang Kwun Road
Kowloon Bay

Please arrive 15 mins. Prior to your booking time for preparation

Assessment can be done with any Coaches of your own preference but most important is to complete the assessment ASAP.


Refund Policy

If a player failed to earn a spot in the registered programme(s), the deposit will be transferred as part payment to any other programme(s) admitted.

If a player withdraws a registered programme on his own decision where HK Typhoons offered a spot, no refund will be arranged in this case.


City League

Players will be placed in a primary division based on their birth year.  Your child may play in a division for older children ONLY if a coach deems it appropriate and ONLY on the basis that he or she also plays in the division appropriate for his or her age.  In other words, your child MUST play in the division for his or her age and may then, at the coach's discretion, play a 2nd division on top of that.  

In the coming season, we are applying some new policies to some age group to enhance the development of youth hockey in Hong Kong.       First of all, we have newly introduced a SD6 division to City League and SD6 division will be playing in half rink for every game.   In this way, young players will have more opportunities to touch the puck and enjoy the game more.  Secondly, in order to offer the best development and game experience for players in the SD8 City league, there will be two divisions - "A" and "AA" categorised by player’s skill level.  "A" division allows players learning the game to compete at a competitive level and "AA" division representing a more competitive level for advanced players.  This follows the North American categorization of level of play.  All other age groups will remain the same, balanced teams among the same age group.   Our Coaches will determine the placement of each player after tryout / assessment.  

A goalie who wishes to play as a player in another division must register and pay for BOTH divisions.

City League Commencement Date: 1st September, 2018


Tykes Beginners Training Programme

The Tykes Beginners Training Programme is a learn to play hockey programme designed for those new to hockey and just learning to skate.   Hockey players can start at the age of 3 or even younger. This training will be a safe and fun platform for the young kids to know and learn about ice hockey.    Once they are interested and able to play some games, they can proceed to our City League SD8 division whenever they are ready.

City League Commencement Date: 6th September, 2018


Typhoons Super Skills Training

Our Wednesday Super Skills sessions will aim to develop the individual skill set of players by challenging them with a wide variety of up-tempo drills. The best way to improve is to feel uncomfortable on the ice, this will be our focus. Shooting, puck handling, passing, quickness, elusiveness and decision making will all be incorporated. The format will change every week: stations, circuits, obstacle courses and skills competitions!   

Typhoons Super Skills Training Commencement Date : 29th August, 2018


Typhoons Elite Edgework Training

Our skating session will focus on edgework, explosiveness, balance and stability. The game of ice hockey has evolved to speed and quickness, skating has never been more important in player development. Feeling comfortable on your skates, changing direction at high speeds and learning how to be efficient with your movement can change your game. Having our players compete in races, speed drills and Crashed Ice competitions will translate to a higher pace and tempo in games. Your first few steps are crucial!

Typhoons Elite Edgework Training Commencement Date : 29th August, 2018


HK Selects & Typhoons Team 

The HK elects & Typhoons Team Programme is a team training program whose members are selected by the Typhoons Coaching Team’s invitation only and all members must play in City League as a basic requirement.   For registration, first register for City League, click the option of joining HK Selects & Typhoons Team Programme and pay the program deposit of both programmes, then Coaches will do evaluation and assessment of the player.    No spot is guaranteed and final decision will be by coaches’ sole discretion.  A confirmation email will be sent to all registrants for the tryout results.  

In order to be a HK Selects/Typhoons team member, the player must be playing in one of our city leagues and must commit to the team practices and tournaments that we invited you.   If a member wants to play for another team/club for a tournament, he/she will need to apply for an approval from our Coaching Team before he/she commit to a team or register to a tournament.        We will have a Team Contract listing all the details for both Parents and Players to sign.  Failure to commit without a strong reason may result in your child being dropped from the HK Selects and Typhoons Team programme.  There will be no refund if you are dropped.  

For each competitive level tournament, the organization will select the players to compete from the Typhoons team pool to form the HK Selects team.  Playing once for HK Selects team does not mean you will continuously be a HK Selects player.  The organization believes strongly in developing all rounded individuals on and off ice, as such, not only are the ability level and skills important, but the player's overall attitude, level of commitment, participation, team work etc. are instrumental in determining if a player remains a Typhoons team member.

If a player wants to play and represent the organization in these tournaments, they must join the team practices.  At Hong Kong Typhoons organization, team practices are extremely important and the organization will focus these practices on line training as well as team formation plays.  We are also committed to arranging tournaments for everyone in the Typhoons team programme.

Tentative Tournament Schedule:

2018 2019 Selects Tournament List R1 jpg



Big Brother Program

We are excited to announce our new Big Brother program starting this 2018-2019 season. Our U12 and U15 Selects players will have the opportunity to help the coaching staff with our younger teams both on the ice at practice and behind the bench for games. Gaining teaching and coaching experience along with an intellectual commitment to the tactics and strategies of the game will benefit all. This will be a mentorship program connecting our aspiring youth with deserving leaders from various teams. We hope it to be a positive step in continuing to build our Selects family.   Interested please contact us at   to apply.



Goalie Training

This season, we are pround to announce that Coach Rudolf Bernart will be our HK Typhoons Selects Team Goalie Coach and he will be training HK Typhoons Selects Team goalies in the HK Selects & Typhoons Team Practices, so as the Development Training Programs for City League goalies.    Coach Rudolf is a very experienced Goalie Coach in Czech and have been with our HK Typhoons Selects Teams in the Bangkok and Beijing Tournament this July.    Interested goalies please do not hesitate to register for more goalie training with Coach Rudolf.



Price and Schedule (Revised)


2018 2019 Season Program List 20180814 jpg crop2


 NOTE : U6 Team Practice is Sunday Mornings at Dragon Center..