2018 Pattaya Beach Bash 4 on 4 Tournament

We have 3 teams in this tournament:

HK Selects U6:
After a first win against Icebreakers (5-2), a crushing defeat in overtime against the Jr Tigers (7-8OT), and a magnificent win against Bangkok Zeus (5-4), our team qualifies for the final.
We find the Jr Tigers in the final, a very tight and tense match, but with the involvement of all the players and their seriousness, we manage to win this match thanks to a victory 6 to 5.
What a pleasure to see all these very young players, win their first title, and be applauded by an ice rink filled with spectators.

HK Selects U8 White:
With 3 defeats (including one in overtime) and a nice win (8-1) against the Young Ducks, our young team including 3 U6 and a first-year U8 majority, failed to qualify for the finals, but our team finished a good 6th out of 9.
Our team played very good matches, never gave up. We will remember that despite our defeats, our team had a real desire to play as a team. It's very inspiring.

HK Selects U8 Blue:
This team produced a real hockey stunt in Pattaya, many teams had individualities at least as strong as us, but they had no chance against our TEAM.
5 games, 5 wins, 64 goals scored, 5 goals conceded, 2 penalty but what to remember is probably more than 57 assists.
The boys produced a great team game, both offensive and defensive. It is very exciting and we will still work hard to be even better as a team.
This title is more than deserved considering the efforts that the children make for the team from the beginning of the season to the training and on this tournament. We are in the right direction.

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