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HK Typhoons Whimsy Fun Day Reservation

We are excited to inform you that one of our 2019-2020 Season City League Team Sponsor, The Wonderful World of Whimsy is now sponsoring a fun day exclusively for our members.  Interested players please make a reservation using the form below ASAP to secure your spot.  Siblings and parents are welcome to the event too.

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2020 CNY Camp @ Mission Hill, Shenzhen

Besides the 2020 New Year Camp, 2020 CNY Camp is also opened for registration now.   If you want to prepare yourself and get ready for the upcoming tournament in the 2nd half season, the 2020 CNY Camp will be the best option for you.

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2020 New Year Camp @ Mission Hill, Shenzhen

*Registration closed.


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2019 Land of Smiles Tournament, Bangkok

Four Selects teams entered the Bangkok Land of Smiles Youth Ice Hockey Tournament by the end of October.  Our U8, U10, U12 and U14 teams with some players playing their first tournament as Selects had some exciting hockey weekend.....

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2019 Taipei Cup, Taipei

The HK Typhoons Selects had 2 teams (U8 and U10) participated in the Taipei Cup which we had a great time in for an outskirt sight-seeing, then followed with a team practice before tournament start.     This year all the teams in U8 and U10 divisions are very competitive and every game is a real close game.....  

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2019 MixC Cup, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Tournament was the last tournament of the summer, just right before the new season start.  We went there with 4 teams, U8, U10 Blue, U10 White and U12.....

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2019 Tropical Freeze Tournament, Bangkok

HK Typhoons Selects landed to Bangkok for first tournament of 2019-2020 season with four hungry and excited teams. Our U8, U10, U14 and U16 was definitely ready lace up again and get back on the ice.....

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