2019 “Harbin Snow Festival” Youth International Invitational Tournament

With the invitation of the Harbin Ice Hockey Association, the HK Typhoons Selects travelled north to participate in a highly recognized event, the 2019 “Harbin Snow Festival” Youth International Invitational Tournament in Harbin, China on January 4-7. We played with teams from Korea, Russia and of course China.   In many ways a thrilling experience for our players, competing at an elite level of ice hockey in a part of China that has a rich tradition and appreciation for winter sports, by far the best ice we have skated on in Asia! 

It was a round robin tournament; final ranking based on our teams accumulated points through match play. Our toughest test was in our first game against the host Harbin team, a close battle from start to finish but we fell short by a score of 4-2 (empty net goal). From there every player decided to step up and take their game to a new level, and our team flourished. Our defensive structure and quick-strike attack was on display, the puck was zipping around on the crisp ice and these kids were flying.

For the opening game, the ceremonial puck-drop was done by the Secretary of Development of the HKSAR, Mr Wong Wai-lun Michael, the Liaoning Liaison Unit of the HKSAR and the representatives of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.  We were honored to have welcomed such representation from our home city. Every time we travel to compete at these events, we represent the HK Typhoons Selects with pride. This was an important part of that.

Finishing the tournament with a 4-1 record, the HK Typhoons Selects walked away with the runner up second place trophy behind Harbin.   Our last 3 games were shutouts, as our goalie Aidan Pang won the Best Goalie Award for the tournament.   As a team we played much smarter in how we defended and communicated.   We shut the door with smart hockey and moved the puck around very well.    The compete level was elevated and our teamwork was evident. 

We can be proud of what we accomplished.   Travelling to the hockey environment that we did, being able to test our abilities and see that we can compete with top hockey countries.  If we are all committed and in it for one another, the sky is the limit. 

Big thanks once again to our Typhoons staff for planning and allowing this all to happen.  Our parents were great in being there to support and encourage, this time especially to keep the boys warm in the frigid northern China weather.   Players showed heart and passion, with a level of hockey that we have not seen yet.   A real positive experience upon which we will look to build on.