2019 Shenzhen World Ice Cup

Our HK Typhoons Selects program travelled to Shenzhen for a tournament with our U8 and U10 teams in Feburary . This served as an opportunity to see how we compared to other teams in the Guangdong region. Safe to say our young athletes didn’t disappoint, dominating at both levels and taking double championships back to Hong Kong. Nice to see our kids play the game with heart, passion and most importantly as a team.

 IMG 3429 IMG 3479

Our U8 team is presented in Shenzhen with the intention of erasing our counter performance of our previous tournament in Shenzhen early in the season. And the least we can say is that players have responded by dominating the tournament.  They first came to the end of Kunlun Red stars on the score of 4 to 2.  In order to balance our strengths and make all the lines dangerous while keeping the collective game background, we made some adjustment in the alignment, which proved very beneficial because thanks to the set of lines we have chained the victories, 13 to 0 against Flying Tigers, 9 to 0 against Shenzhen Dragon and 18 to 0 against Chongqing.  All these beautiful victories allowed us to win the tournament, and in a very nice way, by proposing a nice collective game.

 IMG 3311 IMG 3366 U8

 IMG 3269 IMG 3451 IMG 3441

Our U10 team also play some exciting games against teams from Shenzhen and Hong Kong.    With a straight win against Shenzhen Dragons, Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star, Shenzhen Bees and Hong Kong Owls, our U10 team has demonstrated a good team play which has been trained during the season.    The final game against the Hong Kong Owls is the high-light of the tournament.    The game is really tight for every moment.   Points are going 1 by 1 back and forth.    Score is pulled apart until the last few minutes of the game.    Players continue their hard work and team work which lead the team to be the champion.   The team can never be successful with any of these.