2019 Korea Zenith Tournament

We travelled to Korea for the Zenith cup with our U10 and U12 teams. The rink was cold and the ice was crisp, our players faced some tough competition. Ice hockey in Korea is more advanced than it is in Hong Kong. It was good for our kids to be exposed to a higher level of game-play and to take the opportunity to learn from their opponents. All in all, both teams showed strong moments respectively, with our U10 group grabbing a third place finish. Everyone showed positive growth throughout the weekend.

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U12 Korea tournament was one of the smooth and well organized small scale proper tournament. Proper ice rink with very good ice, good locker rooms and a feel of a ice rink. We ended up having 2-2 record by winning North Stars (All over the place) and Icebreakers (Thailand) and by losing to Zenith Union (Korea) and Canstar (Thailand). All games were fairly close ones, biggest trouble for us was not equalizing enough from all the chances we were able to create. That has been taken into consideration and we are already in progress to be more hungry and attack the net with a meaning in future tournaments!

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In this tournament coaches gave bit more responsibility to three selected captains, leadership skills were taken into actions and all three had to step up their leadership game a bit. Future will tell did we learn something to bring with us to next and biggest tournament of the year, MI5 in Hong Kong.

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Overall, we can be quite satisfied with the result of very young team, passing game can still improve, d-zone coverage gets bit sloppy sometimes, but we work every week to fix these little bugs to be ready to rock end of April in Hong Kong!