2019 Singapore Ice Dragons Classic Tournament, Singapore

We took our U8, U10 and U15 teams (total of 4 teams to Singapore for our final tournament before MI5. A fun and exciting event, all teams showed strong play and hard work, remaining competitive despite having travelled with younger groups. In dramatic fashion, our U8s captured the gold medal in overtime, after having tied the game up with just over a minute to go. A thrilling finish for players, coaches, fans and our older players from other teams. A galvanizing moment for our club and a true moment of growth for our U8 squad.

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The tournament being played on half rink for the U8 category, we were expecting that our team, which has a very collective game and uses a large surface of the rink, will be in difficulty in this tournament ... But, the players were well-adapted, and they managed to move the puck to create many opportunities to score, which gave 41 goals scored for 0 conceded on the 3 round robin matches (Vs Bangkok Zeus 8 - 0 ; vs Bangkok Yaksa 20 - 0 ; vs Singapore Ice Dragon Singapore ice Dragon 13 - 0).     The final was played against International North Stars, so far we had been very effective offensively. But a mixture of pressure due to the stakes of the game (final) and a stunning goalie from North Stars, have made the task extremely complicated. The game ends in regulation time at 3-3, despite a huge domination from us and finally, our U8 Blue Team was named the winner after the overtime play.

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Our young U8 White team, composed of 3 U6 including a first year (2013), and mostly first year U8 (2011), went beyond our expectations.  They started the competition very well by winning 9 to 4 against Singapore Ice Dragon, a good offensive efficiency but the defensive system is still under construction.  Then our team had to face the North Stars, who defend their title on this tournament, which they won last year. We knew the unequal confrontation, but although we did not manage to score, the youngsters did a good job defensively despite the 5-0 defeat.  To continue the adventure and get as high as possible in the standings, we had to win against Bangkok Zeus. And thanks to a great game where the whole team was applied to respect an ultra-defensive tactic, we won on the score of 2 goals to 1.  But our young team could still dream of better than the bronze medal, but for that they had to beat the team of North Stars in Semi-Final, to go in final.  Despite an excellent game, we lost only 4-2, we did a great defensive work like against Bangkok Zeus, but this team having more offensive talent, they scored more goal than we were able to score on them on.

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Singapore U15 division gave us lot on the ice and off the ice. Runner up, but good growing experience.  Real team building often happens through lived situations, in Singapore our team came together extremely well after going through some struggles first. On the ice tournament was basically between Selects and North Stars, our young but motivated team fought until the end, but NS got little edge with their older and bit more experienced team. It was great to have Selects alumni Isaac Chung back in our net wearing Selects jersey again. We grew, we learned and we move on excited to play for the Championship again on upcoming tournaments!

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