2019 Bangkok Tropical Freeze Tournament

HK Typhoons Selects landed to Bangkok for first tournament of 2019-2020 season with four hungry and excited teams. Our U8, U10, U14 and U16 was definitely ready lace up again and get back on the ice.

SJ1 1250SJ1 1700SJ1 2155

Round robin U8 battled hard earning seed 3 and bronze medal game. In bronze medal game our very young U8 team was ready to play and brought home first Selects medal for 2019-2020 season.

u10 SJ1 9114u10 SJ1 3180u10 SJ1 3621

U10 got nothing easy this tournament and team took the challenge.  Getting better game by game, U10 Selects were rewarded with very well deserved bronze medal beating Grizzly Bears in bronze medal game. U10 showed great team effort and puck movement throughout the tournament.

u14 SJ1 9095u14SJ1 2274u14 SJ1 9096

U14 and U16 played their way to the finals undefeated. U14 loosing only one point having tied against Chiang Mai in cross over game. U14 final was a spectacle we don't see often, after regular time, two overtimes and penalty shot competition we finally had a winner. HK Selects goalie, Joseph saved all three Poseidon (Taipei) shots and Yam Yau scored to win the gold for HK Selects.

u16 SJ1 7292u16 SJ1 9493u16 SJ1 9249

U16 final was against the local Canstar team. Canstar had a line of players already knocking the door for Thai senior national team. HK Selects had a plan to take control of the game and the puck and give no hope for Canstar. This worked out and U16 secured the champion second time in this tournament for HK selects.

Great way to start new season and we are already looking forward to Beijing tournament in August 1-4.