2019 Shenzhen World Ice Cup

Shenzhen Tournament was the last tournament of the summer, just right before the new season start.  We went there with 4 teams, U8, U10 Blue, U10 White, and U12.

Our U8 team was really young, but competed hard which they win their 3 first games and lost against a really strong team from Beijing on the last day.   They finished this tournament with a well-deserved Silver medal.

Our 2 U10 teams, showed some really good hockey for a summer tournament, but the Beijing team was here also better than us, our U10 Blue team finished up with a Silver Medal as our U8.

Our U12 team, it had been a really exciting tournament until the last minute, they also finished with a Silver Medal, but they were so close to getting the gold one.

For all our teams, it had been a great experience and good way to finish the summer.   It showed us that it's definitely some talents in the HK Typhoons Selects and some good teamwork; but to get the Gold Medals, we still need to work hard… and the good thing is that the new season is about to start, so let's get ready to work hard, to improve, compete and get some gold medals during the season. 

0 u10 IMG 38350 u12IMG 38360 u8 IMG 3840

0 u8 IMG 3793 10 u12 IMG 38330 u10 IMG 3816