U8 HK Typhoons Selects Team

HK Selects Team member selection is opened to City League Players only.   All selected team members must committed a minimum of 80% attendance of the team practice and tournaments unless with a reason approved in advance.

Team Coach Coach Ludovic
Eligibility Unless otherwise approved by the coach, players should be born in 2011-2012.

On Ice Practice 

JPG U8 Selects Ice 20190724 2

Floor Ball Practice

JPG U6 Selects Ball 20190724

* All schedules are subjected to change and final decision will be by HK Typhoons sole discretion.


Fitness Training

Part of becoming a well-rounded hockey player requires physical stamina, flexibility and strength.  We believe that in addition to on ice skills, off ice training further complements one’s abilities and skills.  We have collaborated with our sponsor Fitness playground in Kowloon Bay to have 2 fitness training sessions for our HK TYPHOONS team members every game week. 


Fitness Playground
Unit 04A, Ground Floor, Proficient Industrial Center, 6 Wang Kwun Road, Kowloon Bay Hong Kong


Game weekends, Sunday 9-10am


$120 per session (Please register each session on our website)


Maximum of 20 players per session


On our website www.hktyphoons, click into the Synthetic Ice Training page and choose “Fitness Training” for booking.  

Click Here to Book a session of Fitness Training