2019 “Harbin Snow Festival” Youth International Invitational Tournament

With the invitation of the Harbin Ice Hockey Association, the HK Typhoons Selects travelled north to participate in a highly recognized event, the 2019 “Harbin Snow Festival” Youth International Invitational Tournament in Harbin, China on January 4-7. We played with teams from Korea, Russia and of course China.   In many ways a thrilling experience for our players, competing at an elite level of ice hockey in a part of China that has a rich tradition and appreciation for winter sports, by far the best ice we have skated on in Asia! 

It was a round robin tournament; final ranking based on our teams accumulated points through match play. Our toughest test was in our first game against the host Harbin team, a close battle from start to finish but we fell short by a score of 4-2 (empty net goal). From there every player decided to step up and take their game to a new level, and our team flourished. Our defensive structure and quick-strike attack was on display, the puck was zipping around on the crisp ice and these kids were flying.

For the opening game, the ceremonial puck-drop was done by the Secretary of Development of the HKSAR, Mr Wong Wai-lun Michael, the Liaoning Liaison Unit of the HKSAR and the representatives of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.  We were honored to have welcomed such representation from our home city. Every time we travel to compete at these events, we represent the HK Typhoons Selects with pride. This was an important part of that.

Finishing the tournament with a 4-1 record, the HK Typhoons Selects walked away with the runner up second place trophy behind Harbin.   Our last 3 games were shutouts, as our goalie Aidan Pang won the Best Goalie Award for the tournament.   As a team we played much smarter in how we defended and communicated.   We shut the door with smart hockey and moved the puck around very well.    The compete level was elevated and our teamwork was evident. 

We can be proud of what we accomplished.   Travelling to the hockey environment that we did, being able to test our abilities and see that we can compete with top hockey countries.  If we are all committed and in it for one another, the sky is the limit. 

Big thanks once again to our Typhoons staff for planning and allowing this all to happen.  Our parents were great in being there to support and encourage, this time especially to keep the boys warm in the frigid northern China weather.   Players showed heart and passion, with a level of hockey that we have not seen yet.   A real positive experience upon which we will look to build on.



2018 Pattaya Beach Bash 4 on 4 Tournament

We have 3 teams in this tournament:

HK Selects U6:
After a first win against Icebreakers (5-2), a crushing defeat in overtime against the Jr Tigers (7-8OT), and a magnificent win against Bangkok Zeus (5-4), our team qualifies for the final.
We find the Jr Tigers in the final, a very tight and tense match, but with the involvement of all the players and their seriousness, we manage to win this match thanks to a victory 6 to 5.
What a pleasure to see all these very young players, win their first title, and be applauded by an ice rink filled with spectators.

HK Selects U8 White:
With 3 defeats (including one in overtime) and a nice win (8-1) against the Young Ducks, our young team including 3 U6 and a first-year U8 majority, failed to qualify for the finals, but our team finished a good 6th out of 9.
Our team played very good matches, never gave up. We will remember that despite our defeats, our team had a real desire to play as a team. It's very inspiring.

HK Selects U8 Blue:
This team produced a real hockey stunt in Pattaya, many teams had individualities at least as strong as us, but they had no chance against our TEAM.
5 games, 5 wins, 64 goals scored, 5 goals conceded, 2 penalty but what to remember is probably more than 57 assists.
The boys produced a great team game, both offensive and defensive. It is very exciting and we will still work hard to be even better as a team.
This title is more than deserved considering the efforts that the children make for the team from the beginning of the season to the training and on this tournament. We are in the right direction.

IMG 1533IMG 1502      



2018 Club Challenge World Cup (U13 Tournament)

During Easter Holidays, our U9 HK Typhoons Selects team entered the 2018 Club Challenge World Cup (U13 Tournament) - Division B with something to prove, facing all Japanese teams in a competitive environment. The team got off to a good start, beating the Nikko Ice Bucks 3-0 with great teamwork. Next up was a match-up against the Fukuoka Selects, another convincing 5-0 win, with the group really starting to build chemistry and trust with each other. At this point a sense of belief became a part of our mindset, as the next test was a hard-fought 2-1 victory over the Red Monsters Club. The team was tested in this one, running into a hot goalie and a fast skating opponent. Everyone battled hard showing heart and determination.

IMG 6532IMG 6774

With the round-robin complete, it was on to the playoff round. In the semi-finals we came out flying against the Hokkaido Club Selects, scoring 3 goals in the first 2 minutes of the game. We never looked back after that, finishing the game with a 9-0 win. This presented us with an opportunity to make history; become the first Ice Hockey team from Hong Kong to win a championship in Japan. At the start of this tournament, our goal as a group was to get better with every game, working towards the ultimate goal of winning it all. We had one more obstacle in our way to accomplish what we had set out to do.

IMG 6618IMG 6694

It was time for our date in the finals with the Tohoku Freeblades, our toughest test of the tournament but a challenge that our players were ready to meet head on. The game was tight from start to finish, with the score still 0-0 after the opening frame. Our opponent took the lead with a penalty shot during the second period and the stage was set for the comeback. Our players knew to stick with the game plan and keep battling through adversity. We came out with a purpose in the third period and took control of the game. Our players would not be denied, pushing the pace of the game and implementing an aggressive mentality, scoring 4 third period goals on their way to a championship victory, and a first for Ice Hockey in Hong Kong. A true team effort from start to finish, every player found a way to contribute and be a part of this special accomplishment. What a way to finish it all off, congratulations to our U9 group!

IMG 6513IMG 6517

Our U12s started the tournament with a tough 7-1 loss to the Junior Nikko Icebucks. The team received a lesson on proper team play. A group playing as a unit will always beat a bunch of individuals trying to play their own game. We moved on to face the Red Monsters, another loss (4-2) but we showed solid improvement in all areas. Despite this, the more organized and cohesive Japanese squad taught us another lesson. 

CWL 9326IMG 6505

After a team video session to correct our mistakes and give our players a chance to visually understand what we needed to fix, the team came out with a purpose, ready on face-offs, transitioning the puck with pace and playing as a real unit, winning 3-0 against the Fukuoka Selects. It was onto the Silver Cup Semi-finals, where we faced the Hokkaido Club Selects. It was a tight game for the first two periods, but the team came out flying in the 3rd with four goals, winning 6-0. Facing the Fukuoka Selects in the relegation finals, we came out with another strong effort, capturing a 5th place finish out of eight teams.

IMG 6704IMG 6602

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This was a great weekend for everyone involved, with team bonding and relationship building off the ice, and a healthy dose of lessons and improvements on it. The Japanese teams we faced showed us what it takes to play together, to be on the same page and to work as a team. We have a lot of work to do, but that’s what we love about hockey.




2018 Manila PHIT Tournament

Landing to Manila, our two U10, one U12 and U15 teams were welcomed with hot and humid sunny weather. For not to sweat all weekend and for our relief, we never had to leave indoors during 3 tournament days. Short 3 minutes’ walk indoors from hotel directly to ice rink eased the commuting for all of us.

IMG 1046u10W manila

First game of the tournament was between our two U10 teams HK Selects White and HK Selects Blue. White team made an great effort and kept the game close. Our Blue team danced through the tournament with 5-0 record beating North Stars 8-1 in the final. Both U10 teams showed huge improvement on team play during the games, and some individual players caught the eye of the coaches with great leadership on and off the ice. 

u12 manila1u12 manila

U12 team got great start and proceeded to the final against North Stars with clean 4-0 record. In final North Stars took the lead that shocked us a bit and outshooting them 23-8 was not enough end result being 3-2 for North Stars. To take home was the feeling of the dissapointment from the final game, caring team go through tough moments and will bounce back stronger. 

u14 manila4u14 manila1

U14 division was battle of two teams, HK Selects and North Stars. Both teams cleared their way to final by losing no points against Singapore and Philippines teams. North Stars had some Thai U20 National team help on their roster and took the gold after very intense and close final game. We can be happy for the effort our team gave in the final. Some players really stepped up and showed the way to the rest. Little more focus on the small details of the game and next tournament we get our revenge!

Having Fun in 2018 Young Stars Exhibition in Shenzhen, China (Jan 12th-13th and 19th-20th, 2018)

Over the past 2 weekends, HK Typhoons Selects U8 and U10 teams were invited by SWOT Hockey to participate in the 2018 Young Stars Exhibition in Shenzhen. Lots of excitements and fun.  

IMG 5187

IMG 5139IMG 5166IMG 5185

IMG 5294

IMG 5261IMG 5287IMG 5279



2018 Taipei Cup

The HK Selects travelled with 3 teams to Taipei with an opportunity to compete and grow closer with their teammates. Unfortunately, our U8, U12 and U15 programs came up empty, but despite this we saw moments of teamwork and development throughout the week.

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Our U8s showed that even with a depleted roster, they still had the heart and passion for the game that will carry them through their hockey journeys. The U12s had to battle through some injury adversity, but still showed moments of brilliance. A lack of consistency seemed to be the lesson here. The U15s were thrown into the dragon’s den as they played a full contact tournament.  Again, very encouraging to see these young men step up and overcome their fears, showing mental toughness, courage and commitment to their club.

As coaches and players, we always want to show gratitude for the opportunity we have to play and coach the game we love in different parts of the world.  This was once again a chance to do so, and we thank the parents and the whole HK Typhoons staffs for making it all possible. Perfection isn’t found in being perfect, but rather in the pursuit of attaining it. As long as we continue to grow, challenge each other and raise the bar higher, we will be on our way.  

IMG 0201 copy

Recap of Shenzhen Return Cup Tournament (Dec 23rd-24th, 2017)

It was a fantastic weekend in Shenzhen with our U8 Selects winning the gold medal at the Return Cup. We played two extremely exciting games over the two days, first game against the Shenzhen Hornets and second game against the Beijing Victory Dragons.

Our first opponent, Shenzhen Hornets had a very similar style to our Team with a couple of core players leading the way offensively and defensively. Since it was our first game as a Team, we struggled to trust each other in our own end, players were having trouble staying in proper positions. However, we got better as the game went on, forcing the game into shootout 15 seconds to go in the third period with the net empty. Thanks to Eli Beselt who scored the tying goal from a spectacular dish from Tommy Kut. 3 shooters from each Team was not enough to end the game as we went into two rounds of sudden death shootout. Finally, we managed to pull it off with Tommy Kut scoring the game winning goal and spectacular goaltending by Danny Huang.

2017 12 23 PHOTO 000001292017 12 24 PHOTO 00000193

Like the first day, we did not start the way we wanted in the final game. Beijing Victory Dragons came out flying and caught us off guard by scoring a couple of quick goals to take an early lead. However, we started to bounce back, thanks to some phenomenal shifts by Jack Welch, causing chaos for the other Team by hard work, being super aggressive on the loose pucks and one on one battles along the boards. Also, all of our defensemen started to play more responsible in our own zone by covering the net area and keeping the puck out. It was also good to see some help from the forwards, especially Keefe and Eli who were great at knowing when to hang back to support our blue line. Offensively, Tommy Kut was on fire scoring over 10 goals this game and winning the MVP. It was spectacular to see the Team improve over just two games and come out with the best result. We as a Team still need a lot of work on positioning, passing and skating for further success in the future.