2019 Singapore Ice Dragons Classic Tournament

We took our U8, U10 and U15 teams (total of to Singapore for our final tournament before MI5. A fun and exciting event, all teams showed strong play and hard work, remaining competitive despite having travelled with younger groups. In dramatic fashion, our U8s captured the gold medal in overtime, after having tied the game up with just over a minute to go. A thrilling finish for players, coaches, fans and our older players from other teams. A galvanizing moment for our club and a true moment of growth for our U8 squad.

 U10 IMG 4226 IMG 4224

The tournament being played on half rink for the U8 category, We were expecting that our team, which has a very collective game and uses a large surface of the rink, will be in difficulty on this tournament ... But, the players were well adapted, and they managed to move the puck to create many opportunities to score, which gave 41 goals scored for 0 conceded on the 3 round robin matches (Vs Bangkok Zeus 8 - 0 ; vs Bangkok Yaksa 20 - 0 ; vs Singapore Ice Dragon Singapore ice Dragon 13 - 0).     The final was played against International North Stars, so far we had been very effective offensively. But a mixture of pressure due to the stakes of the game (final) and a stunning goalie from North Stars, have made the task extremely complicated. The game ends in regulation time at 3-3, despite a huge domination from us and finally our U8 Blue Team was named the winner after the overtime play.

 IMG 4178 IMG 4222 IMG 4220

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Our young U8 White team, composed of 3 U6 including a first year (2013), and mostly first year U8 (2011), went beyond our expectations.  They started the competition very well by winning 9 to 4 against Singapore Ice Dragon, a good offensive efficiency but the defensive system is still under construction.  Then our team had to face the North Stars, who defends their title on this tournament, which they won last year. We knew the unequal confrontation, but although we did not manage to score, the youngsters did a good job defensively despite the 5-0 defeat.  To continue the adventure and get as high as possible in the standings, we had to win against Bangkok Zeus. And thanks to a great game where the whole team was applied to respect an ultra- defensive tactic, we won on the score of 2 goals to 1.  But our young team could still dream of better than the bronze medal, but for that they had to beat the team of North Stars in Semi-Final, to go in final.  Despite an excellent game, we lost only 4-2, we did a great defensive work like against Bangkok Zeus, but this team having more offensive talent, they scored more goal than we were able to score on them on.

 U15 1 IMG 4253 IMG 4229

Singapore U15 division gave us lot on the ice and off the ice. Runner up, but good growing experience.  Real team building often happens through lived situations, in Singapore our team came together extremely well after going through some struggles first. On the ice tournament was basically between Selects and North Stars, our young but motivated team fought until the end, but NS got little edge with their older and bit more experienced team. It was great to have Selects alumni Isaac Chung back in our net wearing Selects jersey again. We grew, we learned and we move on excited to play for the Championship again on upcoming tournaments!



2019 Korea Zenith Tournament

We travelled to Korea for the Zenith cup with our U10 and U12 teams. The rink was cold and the ice was crisp, our players faced some tough competition. Ice hockey in Korea is more advanced than it is in Hong Kong. It was good for our kids to be exposed to a higher level of game-play and to take the opportunity to learn from their opponents. All in all, both teams showed strong moments respectively, with our U10 group grabbing a third place finish. Everyone showed positive growth throughout the weekend.

 CHAE7124 CHAE8377 CHAE8445

U12 Korea tournament was one of the smooth and well organized small scale proper tournament. Proper ice rink with very good ice, good locker rooms and a feel of a ice rink. We ended up having 2-2 record by winning North Stars (All over the place) and Icebreakers (Thailand) and by losing to Zenith Union (Korea) and Canstar (Thailand). All games were fairly close ones, biggest trouble for us was not equalizing enough from all the chances we were able to create. That has been taken into consideration and we are already in progress to be more hungry and attack the net with a meaning in future tournaments!

 AH9I0457 LIM 0839 LIM 7913

In this tournament coaches gave bit more responsibility to three selected captains, leadership skills were taken into actions and all three had to step up their leadership game a bit. Future will tell did we learn something to bring with us to next and biggest tournament of the year, MI5 in Hong Kong.

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Overall, we can be quite satisfied with the result of very young team, passing game can still improve, d-zone coverage gets bit sloppy sometimes, but we work every week to fix these little bugs to be ready to rock end of April in Hong Kong!



2019 Shenzhen World Ice Cup

Our HK Typhoons Selects program travelled to Shenzhen for a tournament with our U8 and U10 teams in Feburary . This served as an opportunity to see how we compared to other teams in the Guangdong region. Safe to say our young athletes didn’t disappoint, dominating at both levels and taking double championships back to Hong Kong. Nice to see our kids play the game with heart, passion and most importantly as a team.

 IMG 3429 IMG 3479

Our U8 team is presented in Shenzhen with the intention of erasing our counter performance of our previous tournament in Shenzhen early in the season. And the least we can say is that players have responded by dominating the tournament.  They first came to the end of Kunlun Red stars on the score of 4 to 2.  In order to balance our strengths and make all the lines dangerous while keeping the collective game background, we made some adjustment in the alignment, which proved very beneficial because thanks to the set of lines we have chained the victories, 13 to 0 against Flying Tigers, 9 to 0 against Shenzhen Dragon and 18 to 0 against Chongqing.  All these beautiful victories allowed us to win the tournament, and in a very nice way, by proposing a nice collective game.

 IMG 3311 IMG 3366 U8

 IMG 3269 IMG 3451 IMG 3441

Our U10 team also play some exciting games against teams from Shenzhen and Hong Kong.    With a straight win against Shenzhen Dragons, Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star, Shenzhen Bees and Hong Kong Owls, our U10 team has demonstrated a good team play which has been trained during the season.    The final game against the Hong Kong Owls is the high-light of the tournament.    The game is really tight for every moment.   Points are going 1 by 1 back and forth.    Score is pulled apart until the last few minutes of the game.    Players continue their hard work and team work which lead the team to be the champion.   The team can never be successful with any of these.



2019-2020 Season: City League, HK Typhoons Selects Team and Development Training Programme Registration 


The Hong Kong Typhoons organization is pleased to announce that registration for the 2019-2020 Season City League  is now opened.  Interested players can register through our online registration system on our website (www.hktyphoons.com), “Registration” page.     Players will be confirmed their spots after completion of tryout according to their ability and programme availability.   


For registration, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and process payment through PayPal.


Refund Policy

We will only refund the programme fee in full to a player if we cannot offer him/her a spot which he/her registered.   There will be a $2,000 handling fee to be deducted from the refund programme fee.    However, if a player withdraws a registered programme after our confirmation, there will be NO refund in such case unless with a fair reason.


City League

Players will be placed in a primary division based on their birth year.  A player MUST play in the division for his or her age and may then, at the coach's discretion, play a 2nd division in an older age group.  

In 2019-2020 Season, SD6 division will be playing in half rink for all games.   Young players will have more opportunities to touch the puck and enjoy the game more.     In order to offer the best development and game experience for SD8-SD15 players, HK Typhoons will try to set up two sub-divisions - "A" and "AA" categorised by player’s skill level.  "A" division allows players learning the game to compete at a competitive level and "AA" division representing a more competitive level for advanced players.   Our Coaches will determine the placement of each player after tryout / assessment to balance the teams among each age group.   However, this set up will be confirmed and depends on the number of registrants and their skills level.

A goalie who wishes to play as a player in another division must register and pay for BOTH divisions.

City League Commencement Dates:

Mega Box .......... 31st August, 2019

Festival Walk .....1st September, 2019

All divisions will play 24 games including playoff.


HK Typhoons Selects Team

The HK Typhoons Selects Team Programme is a team training program whose members are selected by the HK Typhoons Coaching Team or by Coaches invitation if they have outstanding performance in City League during the season.  All members MUST PLAY in City League as a basic requirement.  

Team members must commit to a high attendance to the team practices and tournaments.  The team practice is extremely important in our programme and it will focus on line training as well as team formation plays.   A notification of absence with reason is required to be sent to your Team Coaches for their reference.   

Coaches will select the most suitable players to go to tournaments during the season and my require different players to participate depending on the level of competitiveness of the tournaments.   We believe strongly in developing all rounded individuals on and off ice, as such, not only are the ability level and skills important, but players overall attitude, level of commitment, participation, team work etc. are instrumental in the determination of a player deserves his spot in the team.  Team members will also need to seek for Coaches approval in advance before they can commit with another team/club to play in a tournament.   

Players who failed to commit the aforesaid may result in them being dropped from his team.  There will be no refund if a player is dropped.  All team member will have to sign the terms and conditions with the organization once their spots are confirmed.

For registration, a player will need to register for City League first, then click the option of HK Typhoons Selects Team Programme in your registration and proceed payment.   Coaches will have evaluation and assessment of the player during the tryout.    No spot is guaranteed and final decision will be by coaches’ sole discretion.  A confirmation email will be sent to all registrants for the tryout results.  


2019 2020 Selects Tournament 1


Big Brother Program

The U12 and U15 HK Typhoons Selects players will have the opportunity to help the coaching staff with our younger teams both on the ice at practice and behind the bench for games. Gaining teaching and coaching experience along with an intellectual commitment to the tactics and strategies of the game will benefit all. This will be a mentorship program connecting our aspiring youth with deserving leaders from various teams. We hope it to be a positive step in continuing to build our Selects family.   Interested please contact us at   to apply.


Tykes Beginners Training Programme

The Tykes Beginners Training Programme is a learn to play hockey programme designed for those new to hockey and just learning to skate.   Hockey players can start at the age of 3 or even younger. This training will be a safe and fun platform for the young kids to know and learn about ice hockey.    Once they are interested and able to play some games, they can proceed to our City League SD8 division whenever they are ready.

City League Commencement Date: 5th September, 2019

26 training in total


Typhoons Super Skills Training

The Super Skills sessions will aim to develop the individual skill set of players by challenging them with a wide variety of up-tempo drills. The best way to improve is to feel uncomfortable on the ice, this will be our focus. Shooting, puck handling, passing, quickness, elusiveness and decision making will all be incorporated. The format will change every week: stations, circuits, obstacle courses and skills competitions!   

Typhoons Super Skills Training Commencement Date : 28th August, 2019

29 training in total


Typhoons Elite Edgework Training

HK Typhoons will be hosting the Elite Edgework Training focus on edgework, explosiveness, balance and stability. The game of ice hockey has evolved to speed and quickness, skating has never been more important in player development. Feeling comfortable on your skates, changing direction at high speeds and learning how to be efficient with your movement can change your game. Having our players compete in races, speed drills and Crashed Ice competitions will translate to a higher pace and tempo in games. The training is opened to U8-U15.

Typhoons Elite Edgework Training Commencement Date : 28th August, 2019

29 training in total


Goalie Training

Coach Rudolf Bernart is our HK Typhoons Selects Team Goalie Coach and he will be training the team goalies during the HK Selects & Typhoons Team Practices, so as the Development Training Programs for City League goalies and private training at Synthetic Ice Training Center.    Interested goalies please do not hesitate to register for more goalie training with Coach Rudolf.

For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us on .


Registration Form 2019 2020 v03 posted website 1a

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2018 Pattaya Beach Bash 4 on 4 Tournament

We have 3 teams in this tournament:

HK Selects U6:
After a first win against Icebreakers (5-2), a crushing defeat in overtime against the Jr Tigers (7-8OT), and a magnificent win against Bangkok Zeus (5-4), our team qualifies for the final.
We find the Jr Tigers in the final, a very tight and tense match, but with the involvement of all the players and their seriousness, we manage to win this match thanks to a victory 6 to 5.
What a pleasure to see all these very young players, win their first title, and be applauded by an ice rink filled with spectators.

HK Selects U8 White:
With 3 defeats (including one in overtime) and a nice win (8-1) against the Young Ducks, our young team including 3 U6 and a first-year U8 majority, failed to qualify for the finals, but our team finished a good 6th out of 9.
Our team played very good matches, never gave up. We will remember that despite our defeats, our team had a real desire to play as a team. It's very inspiring.

HK Selects U8 Blue:
This team produced a real hockey stunt in Pattaya, many teams had individualities at least as strong as us, but they had no chance against our TEAM.
5 games, 5 wins, 64 goals scored, 5 goals conceded, 2 penalty but what to remember is probably more than 57 assists.
The boys produced a great team game, both offensive and defensive. It is very exciting and we will still work hard to be even better as a team.
This title is more than deserved considering the efforts that the children make for the team from the beginning of the season to the training and on this tournament. We are in the right direction.

IMG 1533IMG 1502      



2019 “Harbin Snow Festival” Youth International Invitational Tournament

With the invitation of the Harbin Ice Hockey Association, the HK Typhoons Selects travelled north to participate in a highly recognized event, the 2019 “Harbin Snow Festival” Youth International Invitational Tournament in Harbin, China on January 4-7. We played with teams from Korea, Russia and of course China.   In many ways a thrilling experience for our players, competing at an elite level of ice hockey in a part of China that has a rich tradition and appreciation for winter sports, by far the best ice we have skated on in Asia! 

It was a round robin tournament; final ranking based on our teams accumulated points through match play. Our toughest test was in our first game against the host Harbin team, a close battle from start to finish but we fell short by a score of 4-2 (empty net goal). From there every player decided to step up and take their game to a new level, and our team flourished. Our defensive structure and quick-strike attack was on display, the puck was zipping around on the crisp ice and these kids were flying.

For the opening game, the ceremonial puck-drop was done by the Secretary of Development of the HKSAR, Mr Wong Wai-lun Michael, the Liaoning Liaison Unit of the HKSAR and the representatives of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.  We were honored to have welcomed such representation from our home city. Every time we travel to compete at these events, we represent the HK Typhoons Selects with pride. This was an important part of that.

Finishing the tournament with a 4-1 record, the HK Typhoons Selects walked away with the runner up second place trophy behind Harbin.   Our last 3 games were shutouts, as our goalie Aidan Pang won the Best Goalie Award for the tournament.   As a team we played much smarter in how we defended and communicated.   We shut the door with smart hockey and moved the puck around very well.    The compete level was elevated and our teamwork was evident. 

We can be proud of what we accomplished.   Travelling to the hockey environment that we did, being able to test our abilities and see that we can compete with top hockey countries.  If we are all committed and in it for one another, the sky is the limit. 

Big thanks once again to our Typhoons staff for planning and allowing this all to happen.  Our parents were great in being there to support and encourage, this time especially to keep the boys warm in the frigid northern China weather.   Players showed heart and passion, with a level of hockey that we have not seen yet.   A real positive experience upon which we will look to build on.



2018 Manila PHIT Tournament

Landing to Manila, our two U10, one U12 and U15 teams were welcomed with hot and humid sunny weather. For not to sweat all weekend and for our relief, we never had to leave indoors during 3 tournament days. Short 3 minutes’ walk indoors from hotel directly to ice rink eased the commuting for all of us.

IMG 1046u10W manila

First game of the tournament was between our two U10 teams HK Selects White and HK Selects Blue. White team made an great effort and kept the game close. Our Blue team danced through the tournament with 5-0 record beating North Stars 8-1 in the final. Both U10 teams showed huge improvement on team play during the games, and some individual players caught the eye of the coaches with great leadership on and off the ice. 

u12 manila1u12 manila

U12 team got great start and proceeded to the final against North Stars with clean 4-0 record. In final North Stars took the lead that shocked us a bit and outshooting them 23-8 was not enough end result being 3-2 for North Stars. To take home was the feeling of the dissapointment from the final game, caring team go through tough moments and will bounce back stronger. 

u14 manila4u14 manila1

U14 division was battle of two teams, HK Selects and North Stars. Both teams cleared their way to final by losing no points against Singapore and Philippines teams. North Stars had some Thai U20 National team help on their roster and took the gold after very intense and close final game. We can be happy for the effort our team gave in the final. Some players really stepped up and showed the way to the rest. Little more focus on the small details of the game and next tournament we get our revenge!